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Coral Reef Condition With Chaetidontidae Fish As The Indicator In The Waters Of The Samber Gelap Island Of Kotabaru, South Kalimantan

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Coral reefs are ecosystems with a very high diversity of species that function as dwellings and grow for other biota. Coral reef is a community of organisms that live on the bottom of the water and in the form of limestone (CaCO3) which is strong enough to withstand the waves of the sea. Coral reefs are built from massive deposits of calcium carbonate produced by reef-forming coral organisms (hermatipic corals) from the Coridaria phylum, the order of Scleractinia which is symbiotic with zooxantellae and a few additional calcareous algae and other organisms that extract calcium carbonate. Fish indicator is an indicator for the level of fish fertility in coral reefs. Chaetodontidae or Kepe-kepe fish are true reef fishes and their distribution is only around coral reefs. The experts agreed in placing kepe-kepe fish as an indicator species of coral reef condition, because these fish are true reef dwellers. This study aimed to determine the relationship between the condition of coral reefs and the abundance of Chaetodontidae fish in the waters of Samber Gelap Island, Kotabaru Regency, South Kalimantan. This research was conducted in April 2019. The research method used was the field observation methods with the sampling method using the line transect method on coral data and fish transect on fish data along 30m. Data taken in this study were physical parameter data, coral cover data, and fish abundance. The results of this study indicated that the quality of waters in Samber Gelap Island Waters supported the life of coral ecosystems. The highest percentage of coral cover was at station 5 with a percentage of 42.08% and included in the medium category. This result was directly proportional to the abundance of indicator fish at station 5 which had the highest number of 13 individuals (3 species) of the Chaetodontidae family. Correlation test results between the conditions of coral reef cover on the abundance of indicator fish produced a correlation value of 0.8 with a very strong category. These results meant that the condition of coral cover had a strong influence on the abundance of indicator fish, but it was not the only factor affecting the abundance of indicator fish in the waters of Samber Gelap Island, Kotabaru, South Kalimantan.

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